Attention to detail

I was pretty busy over the last few weeks.  I officiated 1 wedding, and also play guitar and sang at another.  They were both huge successes.  But, not without planning and attention to detail.  

The weddings were at the JW MArriott on Marco Island, which I live literally 5 minutes away. The bride and grooms for both weddings got to town early and we set a time to walk thru the hotel and make plans for what needed to be done.

While taking notes and suggesting ideas (since I have done a few weddings there before) we were all able to have a better vision of what the wedding would look like.

Thanks to

Anthony and Justine Rollins and Dominic and Linda Lucivero for hiring me for what was an awesome time had by all!!!


Posted on July 25, 2017 .

Outside Wedding - volume and neighbors

Yesterday I DJ'd a wedding that required the total volume to be below 80 db.  Speaking volume is approx 65 db, so you can imagine the challenges that were presented.  

The neighbors did not want to come over and enjoy the festivities, so they rather call the police at 7:15 pm.  Now understand that in Collier County the noise ordinance is 92 db until 10pm.  The wedding party did not want bad blood, neither did I.

We were able to party for 3 hours on the dance floor to Watch Me, Cha Cha Slide, Cupid SHuffle etc and everyone had a blast.

Using the JBL PRX series speakers, I can achieve high or low volumes with the clarity and feeling that I need.  Hiring a DJ with quality equipment allows for adjustments on the fly without sacrificing sound quality.

Posted on October 22, 2016 .

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